Roots run deep in West Texas for First United Bank. In fact, all our roots are right here. Since beginning in 1907 as The First State Bank of Dimmitt to First United Bank today, our business model has always been focused on West Texas communities, the people who live and work here and their distinct financial needs. Our Board of Directors, banking officers and employees understand the importance of agriculture, energy and small business to our economy. More importantly, they understand that people come first.

Community Spirit Project

Build. Beautify.
Our Founder, Ray M. Bain believed that we have been successful by hiring great people who are truly committed to our organization and the communities we serve. Spirit Mortgage routinely donates time, talents and money to causes and organizations that align with our values and help sustain and build the communities we serve. 

The First United Bank Community Spirit Project is an opportunity for our team to create a positive change where we live and work. 
Each of our eleven markets is challenged to identify a service project based on a need in the community. The projects must benefit the community at-large. We are encouraged to contribute time and resources to
causes, projects or needs that align with our values and will help to sustain and build the communities we serve. 

Here's how we were able to make a difference over the past few years:

•Clean up neighborhood parks, baseball fields, community centers and cemeteries
•Repaint and enhance town ‘Welcome’ signs
•Plant flowers and donate to local businesses
•Repaint and upgrade facilities at local Senior Citizen buildings and shelters

“ We have been successful due to the hard work and loyalty of our customers and by hiring great
people who are truly committed to our organization and to the communities in which we serve.”
– Ray M. Bain, Founder

The Spirit of Generosity

In WEST TEXAS, the Spirit of Christmas means giving thanks and giving back. 
Each Christmas, we continue our favorite tradition here at Spirit Mortgage. A tradition that’s rooted in one of our Founding Principles, GENEROSITY. We promote the Spirit of Generosity by giving back to the communities we serve. Our 237 employees are each given a discretionary budget and encouraged to choose unique ways to give back to their community. And, in the true Spirit of Generosity, no act of kindness was too big or too small to make a difference. 
Here’s how we were able to share the Spirit of Generosity over the past few years. 
• Help with grocery expenses at several different grocery stores 
• Provide children in need with new clothes, coats and blankets 
• Deliver totes full of groceries to families in need 
• Buy breakfast for unsuspecting Sherriff’s Officers 
• Purchase bus tickets for people that otherwise wouldn’t get to see their family for Christmas 
• Donate toys to Toys 4 Tots 
• Give a $1,000 gift card to a family who lost everything in a fire 
• Provide backpacks and sleeping bags to the homeless 
• Buy Christmas gifts for families living at a shelter 

We Stay True to Our Roots. 
First United Bank started in rural farming and ranching communities, growing our business right alongside our customers in the fields. That’s how we’ve become one of the largest agricultural lenders in Texas. We embrace the people and businesses of West Texas and will continue to fulfill the financial needs unique to this region. We’re still locally-owned and we’ll stick to those traditions and values that got us where we are today. 

We Value Customers Over Currency. 
We’re a bank that’s about people, not products. At First United Bank, we show our customers we believe in long-term relationships by delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience – both how and where they bank with us. We’ve invested in our Banking Centers, creating welcoming and comfortable environments where people want to visit; it feels more like home than a bank. We’re focused on developing the best solutions for our customers and how they live. We aggressively investigate and test new technologies to ensure they enhance and expand everyday banking. We treat our customers with dignity and respect. 

We Nurture Our Employees. 
Being a part of the First United Bank family means our STARs are treated with the same dignity and respect as our customers. We empower our employees, at all levels, to treat each other the right way in every situation. By encouraging our people to be part of something important, we’re building our own sense of community.